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Granite House: Head Office
Head Office: Catalyst Computer Systems Ltd.
Granite House,
58 Loughborough Road,
LE12 7AT.
Office hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (for emergency out of hours support see 'Out of Hours' below).


Telephone: +44(0)116 230 1500
Fax: +44(0)116 230 1522
Email: Sales
  Software Support
  Hardware Support

Out of Hours See here for details.
Urgent Weekend Hotline: +44(0)781 804 4086 Chargeable
Emergency Out of Hours: Chargeable

The likes, dislikes and views expressed on this web page are those of the team members listed and don't necessarily reflect those of Catalyst Computer Systems.

Managing, Sales & Marketing Director

Jeff Kingsbury-Smith

likes: People, great conversation and new ideas; the great 'outdoors', especially Scotland; Acoustic Music; Old things mostly mostly made by 'Triumph', cars and bikes; anything in water, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, frogs, fish and pond life.

dislikes: Hypocrisy, prejudice, political correctness, narrow minded people, short term thinking, the endless quest for cheap at the expense of quality, anything with 'celebrity' in the title but mostly Argos.

Company Secretary, Customer Services & Financial Director

Charles Allison

likes: Problem solving; Music; Books; Good hifi; Cars and driving; Mowing lawns; Good food and drink; My job.

dislikes: Talent wasted; Skivers; Smartphones; Weeding; Most politicians.

Technical & Software Development Director

Les Ward

likes: Being with my wife; Catalyst Computer Systems; Automating boring stuff; Technical problems; Computers; Technology (iPhones, iPads); Photography (Canon EOS 5D and Hipstamatic's); XBOX 360 (anything with Halo in the title); Cats; Music (Trance, TATW, Underworld); Italy; Whitby; North West Scotland (Proposed on top AnTeallach - she accepted - I had the map to get down...)

dislikes: Coffee Shops or Houses (irrespective of franchise); Bad Customer Service; Shopping; Rudeness; Coffee Shops; Cities; Political Correctness; Coffee Shops; Freeloaders; People on the phone while driving; Coffee Shops; People who check their phone for 'messages' mid-conversation (cherry on the cake is when they then proceed to reply!!); Stuff that doesn't work; oh yes, I am not keen on Coffee Shops (it's the unique combination of too many choices, bad service, bad coffee and high prices)

'Never say never', 'Go that extra mile, it's always worth it' ,'Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.'

Systems Sales Manager

Mike Cameron

likes:Track days, Trail Riding, Sailing & Powerboats, Good food & good friends, Treating people as I would have them treat me.

dislikes:Short-termism & lack of true strategic investment in our country’s transport infrastructure.

IT Product Sales Manager

Marc Nolan

likes: Family time - love a good day out, with the wife and kids; Football - Anything - Manchester United; Playing my PS3 - FIFA & Need For Speed; Cars/Driving-I love anything fast with 4 wheels

dislikes: Slow drivers & people that don't indicate (they make my blood boil); Taxmen (they are just legal thieves in my eyes); Mushrooms; The government and how out of touch they are with the real world.


Sarah Lissaman

likes: Live music upfront and sweaty - Most music but please no Jazz (unless in New Orleans), Horses - nothing better than getting out into the countryside riding, Interior decor - planning my new house at present, Food - pretty much anything, usually choose the most obscure thing on the menu, Motorbikes - going too fast!

dislikes: Mobile Phones - can't live with them can't live without them!, People that park on double yellow lines - selfish and dangerous!, Junk mail - sends me mad!, Banks - Customer service stinks!, Mobility Scooters - half the users are out of control and rude!

Marketing Assistant

Alex Gamble

likes: Sports, my favourites are Football, Cricket and Horse Racing; Socialising with friends (usually means playing XBOX); Spending time with family; Being able to drive.

dislikes: Politics; Mushrooms; People with a negative outlook; TV Adverts.

Marketing Assistant

Tom Riddle

likes: Football, Leicester City!; Skiing; Going on holidays; Spending Time With Friends and Family; Xbox; Snowboarding; My Car; Swimming; Watching Films; Drinking; McDonalds; Badminton; Jogging/Keeping Fit; Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter etc.); Takeaway's; Theme Parks; Music; Radio; IPhone; IPod; BBQ's; BLT Sandwich

dislikes: Traffic; Waking up early; Cats; A Broken Keyboard/mouse; Walking dogs; Taking people everywhere (TAXI); Waiting for buses in the cold/rain; price of car insurance for young drivers!.

Customer Support Manager

Nigel Smith

likes: Trail riding on my WR250F; Crisp winter mornings; Family; Delegation; PS3; Birds of Prey; Dogs; Turning my surround sound up louder than I should; TV & Films; Speed; Danger;

dislikes: Political correctness; Tasks I cannot delegate; Rules for the sake of Rules; Lorries being restricted to 40MPH on A roads; Health and Safety, I am an adult if I wont to take a risk I will take responsibility for what happens; The claim culture, if you trip on a paving slab then you should have been looking where you were going; Automated phone systems. Press one for ??  I just want to speak to a real person!

'Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.'

Customer Support Specialist

Richard Green

likes: Socialising with wife and friends; Playing Xbox with friends; Anything made by Apple (old and new); Photography; Getting Messy on anything with an engine (i.e. Riding Motocross); Playing Guitar; Using computers;  Any daft gadgets; Watching anything at the Cinema (as long as I can overload on nachos!); Twitter; watching Formula 1 \  Moto GP; Watching Live Comedians (Especially Tim Minchin)

dislikes: Hitting my head so much due to being tall!; people that drive but don't Indicate!; Facebook since they added all the stoopid games!; Rudeness; Automated answer machines on phones (press 1 for.....ggrrrr); NCP Car Park Prices; Road works; Whiplash and the people that falsely claim for it; Jellyfish!

I was put on this earth to do a certain number of things. At the moment, I am so far behind I will probably never die.

Customer Support Assistant

Robert Hearn

likes : Spending time with my Wife and Daughter. Getting online with friends (XBOX) to take on the enemy (anyone who is not us). In Battlefield 3 being able to take a knife to a gun battle and being the one to walk away. Its been awhile, but entering the ring and facing off against someone who deserves to be humiliated. Driving not just in games but in real life.

dislikes: People who cant drive (using the white line as a guide to the centre of their car (its not scalextrics), not being able to park a small car in a large parking spot.

Customer Support Assistant

Tim Laundon

likes: Music, quite varied really, although at heart I'm an 80's Pop Tart!; Going to concerts - Love live music; Gin; Travelling (good job really!); Experimenting in the Kitchen!; Toddington Services!; Meeting new people; City Breaks; Beach Holidays

dislikes: Being mistaken for a certain TV celeb (no I'm not telling you're going to have to guess!); Ignorant people/drivers; Weekends that go by way too fast; Roadworks on the M1 between J10 and J13!; Reaching for an empty coffee cup when you were sure there was some left in it; Quorn (that's the sausage not the village!); Jeremy Clarkson!; The Daily Mail

Customer Support Assistant

Katherine Rennie

likes: Helping people; Riding my Honda Shadow 750 Spirit (yes it's the gorgeous black one if you google it!); Running, especially fast enough to make talking hard or through knee deep mud (or occasionally thigh deep water); Sunny days in winter or summer; The smell of an onion field as they lift them; Really uncool 70s songs (according to normal people)

dislikes: Being shouted at; Being cold; Radio adverts; Hayfever.

IT Services Manager

Paul Alexander

likes: Spending time with the family (Most of the time ;-)); Any motor sport, Love F1; Nights down the pub; Most film’s (Apart from chick flicks!); Camping; Driving; PC Gaming (anything with a gun or wheels); Most types of modern music

dislikes: Early mornings; Sunday drivers!; Road works; People that cannot follow instructions!; Hangovers (The older I get the longer they last!); Computer virus’s ( Why can’t the people that write them just get a proper job!)

IT Services Assistant

Marc Stocker

likes: Spending time with the family, watching films, Playstation (cant beat Pro Evo with a few mates round and a couple of cans); Take Away’s; F1; Problem solving

dislikes: Traffic jams; The cost of living; Marmite - Hate It; Shopping (pretty much a traffic jam on foot at weekends); Having so many TV channels and nothing to watch.

IT Services Assistant

Richard Travers

likes: Loves being a Dad and doing family things; Watching films (the scarier the better); Most types of music (anything with a good beat); Ancient Aliens (the truth is out there)

dislikes: Waiting (for anything); Miserable people; Go compare adverts

IT Services Assistant

Holly Redfern

likes: Spending time with my family and friends; Shopping; Watching horror films; Cars (Ford Shelby GT500 being my favourite); Hot and sunny holidays; Vodka and coke; Chocolate; Chocolate Hob Nobs; Puppies; Rabbits

dislikes: Clowns; Cream; Custard; Vegetables; Spiders; Extremely rude people; Sitting in traffic; Back sit drivers (especially when I'm driving).

Systems Software Development Specialist

Dave Laundon

likes: Cycling to socialise, cycling to get from A to B, and cycling to get fit (in that order!), Learning about new ideas and new technology, Killing myself for 90 minutes so that I can live for 90 years!, Driving (too fast...), Having full control over a dumb animal (i.e. programming a computer!)

dislikes: Indecision, Duplicity (not the film...), The dumb animal not doing what I tell it..., Spending money on new ideas and new technology

Applications Software Development Specialist

Steve Jeffery

likes: Rock music, folk music, most types of music in fact so long as it's got a beat and a heart to it. Real ale. Music festivals and camping, preferably in nice weather. Computer games. Reading, fantasy and sci-fi, the usual suspects.

dislikes: Rudeness under the guise of 'honesty', and a disregard for simple courtesy in general. Camping in the rain.

Applications Software Development Assistant

Jamie Kingsbury-Smith

likes: Formula1; Futurama; Halloumi; Icecream; Long days playing frisbee on the beach; Losing my balance on a snowboard but regaining control at the last second

dislikes: Marzipan; Windy days; Getting up before 7am; Celebrity TV; Losing my balance on a snowboard and landing on my face

Web Development Assistant

Matt Cant

likes: Technology; computers; innovation; gadgets; music (most genres as long as it has a beat!); good speakers; films; portable computing & smartphones; going on holiday; Bill Bailey; intuitive software

dislikes: Anything that has been badly designed; things that don't work like they should; lack of manners; TV adverts; Starbucks; but mostly sweet potato

Administration Manager

Lorraine Gibbons

likes: Being a mum, Playing in the snow (when we get it), Short breaks away in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Especially the £9.50 deals with The SUN, Eating out (My Favourite is Pizza Express), Spending time with family at Christmas (it’s a big family), Fast rides, Reading a good book, People that make me laugh, there’s nothing better than a good laugh

dislikes: Cooking, cleaning, anything domestic, Bad Drivers i.e. people who sit in the fast lane doing 50mph when it’s the national speed limit (arrgh), Rudeness, Dishonest people

Financial Controller

Sarah Lissaman

likes: Live music upfront and sweaty - Most music but please no Jazz (unless in New Orleans), Horses - nothing better than getting out into the countryside riding, Interior decor - planning my new house at present, Food - pretty much anything, usually choose the most obscure thing on the menu, Motorbikes - going too fast!

dislikes: Mobile Phones - can't live with them can't live without them!, People that park on double yellow lines - selfish and dangerous!, Junk mail - sends me mad!, Banks - Customer service stinks!, Mobility Scooters - half the users are out of control and rude!


Joanne Stafford

likes: Spending time with family and friends; eating out especially Italian food; taking my dog for walks to Bradgate Park;  Favourite film  - Dirty Dancing and has  lost count how many times I have watched it!;  Summer – love chilling in the garden and lighting up the BBQ, weather permitting of course!;Finally I adore my ironing lady!

dislikes: My last vet bill and would advise anyone who is thinking of getting dog to get it insured immediately;  Winter – hate the cold dark evenings and not being able to spend time in the garden;  Queues of any sort whether on foot or in the car; Finding a dent in your car when some idiot has parked too close; Finally I seriously hate ironing!!

PA to Managing Director

Natasha Perkins

likes: Spending time with my family and friends; My phone!; Facebook; Twitter; Amy Childs; Anything 'Essex'; Making achievements; Range Rover Sports; Harley Davidsons; Shopping; Going on holiday; Making others happy; Baby animals; All films; Reading a good book; Cooking & eating food!

dislikes: Milk & Cream!; Cold weather; Having to wait for things; Being superstitious; Lack of manners