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Know How Your Dealership is Doing at All Times with our Car Dealer Software

Catalyst have been suppliers to the Motor Trade for many years and our business management software is used in both franchised and independent car dealerships.

All-Inclusive Business Solution  for Car Dealers

All-Inclusive Business Solution for Car Dealers

We cover all main areas of car dealership administration. Everything from parts and accessories, through workshop and car sales to company administration.

Everything in one fully integrated product that can link to manufacturer ordering and parts identification systems. We are a dedicated long-term specialist in the motor trade offering an unrivalled cost effect product.

Everything You Need to Manage and Grow Your Dealership

No more juggling multiple systems.
Get all the right tools to manage each department of your dealership in one easy-to-use software.

  • Sales


    • Catalyst Platinum offers you the opportunity to easily administer your vehicle sales and compile extensive managerial databases
    • The Car Sales Module is an essential part of every dealer’s armoury. It is a purpose designed program for administering vehicle sales, including sales aids, a managerial database and an accounting system
  • Workshop Management

    Workshop Management

    • A purpose designed package for use in administering motor trade workshops. It comes configured for the motor trade and many of the unique attributes of the motor trade are easily dealt with
    • The workshop management module allows you to keep your job tasks organised with a fully featured workshop and body shop diary. You can easily schedule new jobs and give essential estimates and insurance work
  • Parts & Accessories

    Parts & Accessories

    • All the many details of your products are held such as stock levels, locations, prices, and suppliers. This is one of our most powerful modules and has many features that can be fine tuned allowing it to be tailored to your exact requirements
    • A full history of every stock movement is kept for reporting. Powerful text searches, links to third party software, such as manufacturer’s EPC systems and bar coding enable stock codes to be rapidly identified
  • Accounts


    • Platinum accounts have been designed to allow you to produce comprehensive management accounts, whilst retaining the simplicity and ease of use for which the software is renowned
    • Comprising Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Platinum Accounts integrates with the other Platinum packages so that you can run your motor trade business in a seamless fashion on one system
  • Reporting


    • Most Platinum modules have report generators built in giving you full freedom and flexibility. They are designed to allow you to generate reports on anything you may need, and they are very simple to use
    • Reports can be displayed using charts to allow an easier visual impact for your business KPI's
  • Vehicle Hire

    Vehicle Hire

    • The perfect tool for dealing with the large amount of administrative work involved in managing your vehicle hire business. It acts as an organisational tool for all hires made within the business
    • The module offers a wide range of features that will streamline this service, everything from creating the initial booking, taking deposits & security payments, producing customised agreement forms, and taking the final payments at the end of the hire
  • Customer Relationship Manager

    Customer Relationship Manager

    • The Customer Relationship Manager/Supplier Relationship Manager displays all customer or supplier activity for a given range of time
    • This allows you to keep all prospect information, over any duration of time, in a central database
  • Platinum Online

    Platinum Online

    • A suite of secure Internet browser applications which compliment mainstream Platinum Software Designed as a progressive web app, this software runs anywhere that a supported web browser is available
    • Allows technicians to gather images and information where it's either impossible or inconvenient to use conventional computers
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Seamlessly Connect with Key Car Manufacturers Within your DMS

Having the right software is only part of your overall business success. At Catalyst, we have long-standing relationships with key manufacturers and suppliers. We are committed to enhancing the dealer-to-manufacturer connectivity to try and drive down costs and improve overall efficiency at your dealership.

Automate Processes with Franchise's Integrations:

Franchise Parts & Price Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Parts Catalogue
Customer Satisfaction Program

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