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Streamline Your Operations with our Logistics & Road Haulage Management Software

Our Logistics and Road Haulage planning software is designed to specifically meet the requirements of the Road Haulage and Logistics sector, whatever size company, number of vehicles and whatever type of haulage.

All-in-One Solution for Logistics & Road Haulage Businesses

All-in-One Solution for Logistics & Road Haulage Businesses

The need for key information for those important management decisions has never been greater and it is now available at your fingertips via the ‘Snapshot’ feature. Be impressed by the simplicity, flexibility and functionality, even for new and inexperienced users and above all - how little it will cost.

Everything You Need to Manage and Grow Your Business

No more juggling multiple systems.
Get all the right tools to manage each department of your business in one easy-to-use software.

  • Logistics Planning

    Logistics Planning

    • The job planning section allows you to see all jobs pending and completed for any day
    • It allows you to add new jobs, edit current jobs, change the status of certain jobs, scan proof of deliveries (POD) and attach to relevant job task, set drop sequences and drop times, and print traffic sheets
    • The job planning section gives you the option to search and sort your orders to make the process of planning much easier
  • Logistics Costings

    Logistics Costings

    • Generate reports showing the driver revenue summary, vehicle usages, costs, and subcontracts
    • Includes includes a comprehensive report generator that allows you to write truly bespoken reports.
    • The report generator can produce ‘snapshots’; these provide detailed reports of anything requested, i.e., Monthly customer revenue, value of work to be invoiced, work booked for following days, etc
  • Workshop Management

    Workshop Management

    • The Platinum Workshop Management module is a purpose designed package for use in administering workshops. Many of the unique attributes of the logistics sector are easily dealt with
    • The workshop management module allows you to keep your job tasks organised with a fully featured workshop. You can easily schedule new jobs and give essential estimates
  • Accounts


    • Platinum accounts have been designed to allow you to produce comprehensive management accounts, whilst retaining the simplicity and ease of use for which the software is renowned
    • Comprising Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Platinum Accounts integrates with the other Platinum packages so that you can run your road haulage and logistics industry business in a seamless fashion on one system
  • Reporting


    • Most Platinum modules have report generators built in giving you full freedom and flexibility. They are designed to allow you to generate reports on anything you may need, and they are very simple to use
    • Reports can be displayed using charts to allow an easier visual impact for your business KPI's
  • Customer Relationship Manager

    Customer Relationship Manager

    • The Customer Relationship Manager/Supplier Relationship Manager displays all customer or supplier activity for a given range of time
    • This allows you to keep all prospect information, over any duration of time, in a central database
  • Platinum Online

    Platinum Online

    • A suite of secure Internet browser applications which compliment mainstream Platinum Software
    • Designed as a progressive web app, this software runs anywhere that a supported web browser is available
    • Allows technicians to gather images and information where it's either impossible or inconvenient to use conventional computers
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