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Office hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (for emergency out of hours support see 'Out of Hours' below).

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It is Catalyst's policy to trade in a fair and open way. We will at all times keep clients advised of any costs likely to be encountered and will at all times give advice openly and honestly.

Unless specifically stated on a sales order, or other Catalyst document, the following general terms and conditions apply to all sales.

This document may be periodically reviewed and changed without notice. It is therefore recommended that clients should regularly examine this document.

Hours of Business

All Catalyst services including hot line support are available during office hours which are 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday To Friday excluding public holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year. In addition an out of hours hot line service runs at weekends and public holidays. This service is a chargeable service and a one off charge per call will be raised. The amount of the one off charge will be at the rate prevailing at the time of the call. A faxed purchase order will be required in order to verify that this charge is clearly understood by all parties.

Any services outside our office hours other than hot line support will be available by special arrangement only.

Platinum Software

The detailed terms and conditions for the use of Platinum Software are contained within the software itself. These terms and conditions can be printed at any time from the Platinum "Log In Screen" by simply pressing one function key. Users who have any difficulty with this can contact Catalyst free of charge for instructions.

Platinum Software is in general supplied with one years support included. The only exception to this rule is for Solo modules, which include only two months support.

Platinum Software will perform as per the company fact sheets and advertising material relevant to each module. Catalyst make every effort to ensure that the software performs correctly and is free from bugs, however we cannot guarantee that none exist. In the event that any should come to light, we will however make every effort to ensure their rectification in a timely fashion. All software under maintenance contract or warranty will be eligible for free upgrade during the period of this maintenance or warranty.

Platinum Software users should be aware that Platinum Software upgrades are designed to improve the software. We endeavour to maintain all features of previous versions but the means to access features may change. It is unfortunately impossible to step back to previous versions of Platinum unless a complete copy of all Platinum programs and data have first been made. It should be understood that if clients wish to continue to use older versions of Platinum, Catalyst may be unable to support these.

Catalyst's staff can advise on the best way to set up Platinum Software in order to help the client with their business requirements. Our staff are not however qualified to advise in business or company strategy and accept no responsibility for this.

Platinum Software is highly configurable. Security, document layout and reporting are key areas which are often configured to the requirements of individual organisations. The cost of this configuration is not included in the software cost. Configuration can either be carried out by the client company or by Catalyst. If Catalyst undertake this work, the work will be charged in addition to the usual software costs at our standard labour rates applicable at the time. It is entirely possible for a Platinum Software user to carry out considerable configuration of the software. If a user wishes to learn more about configuration, Catalyst run regular training courses covering the relevant areas.

Platinum Mobile

Our Android App is only guaranteed to work on devices supplied by ourselves, see our Knowledge Base artical and has to be paired with a copy of Platinum that is under a valid maintenance or rental contract.

Software Support

Catalyst constantly strives to make the use of our software as simple and straightforward as is possible. There is help built into the software specific to the user’s location in the software as well as a web based knowledge base. These sources of helpful information are continually updated.

The Catalyst hot line support service covers only queries resulting from the use of software written by Catalyst. It is available to Catalyst clients with either: a valid maintenance contract, a current rental agreement or a free initial period following purchase of software.

This service is for query solving only and does not cover configuration of operating systems or any third party hardware or software including printer drivers. Any changes resulting from either additions or changes to clients’ hardware, or software other than Platinum Software are also excluded.

As part of our terms of business, and in the interests of making the use of the software as economical and convenient as is possible, users should consult both the help built into the software and our on-line knowledge base before using either our telephone hot line or e-mail enquiry services.

The purpose of both our hot line support and e-mail enquiry services is to solve occasional queries, for users previously trained in the use of the software. These services should not be considered as a substitute for software training or custom configuration, both of which are available from Catalyst and are chargeable services. Catalyst reserve the right to withdraw hot line support and/or e-mail enquiries and recommend training or chargeable configuration as appropriate and if repeated queries are encountered. Repeated queries are generally defined as more than two queries per day in closely related areas of the software.

Data Conversion From Third Party Systems

Historic data is a valuable resource. For this reason, if specified on a sales order, Catalyst will make every possible reasonable effort to extract it from previously used third party software products and import into Platinum software.

Before undertaking such conversion work Catalyst will generally indicate what we expect to be able to recover based on our previous experience. If we do not specify what we intend to recover then it should be assumed that we are working on a best endeavours basis to recover what we can within the time specified using our experience and skills. Whilst Catalyst are very experienced and careful when converting data from other software systems, data conversion is never a perfect process. There are inevitable problems with field size restrictions and the data available to extract. The overall process depends on our previous experience and documentation combined with data manipulation skills. There can never be a guarantee that all will go smoothly as expected as versions of third party systems may vary and are obviously beyond our control.

In short, we will carry out this work on a best endeavours basis but ultimately cannot take responsibility, or provide any guarantee, for the completeness or accuracy of information stored in and extracted from third party software products although you can be assured of our very best endeavours, considerable experience and knowledge that previously acquired data is of ongoing value.

Maintenance Contracts

Terms and conditions of maintenance contracts are as per those printed on the contract unless specifically stated in writing elsewhere. Platinum Software maintenance contracts include software updates during the maintenance period. Maintenance contracts for all other software products do not include software upgrades. With all other items under maintenance contract we aim to maintain the status quo. Items will be repaired as required but not improved over time.

Problem Solving for Equipment Under Warranty or Maintenance Contract

Obviously the use of equipment is critical for both individuals and businesses. Our aim is always to restore equipment to functional condition in the minimum of time. It is often necessary to discuss, diagnose and cure issues by direct telephone conversation with someone in direct contact with the equipment. Such conversations are a necessary part of the repair process. Catalyst request the co-operation of our clients in the conduct of this process. Catalyst will keep the duration of such conversations to a minimum but stress that the process is essential, as it will result in a repair being made in the minimum time.

If rectification of any problem proves to be impossible by telephone support alone, then a visit by Catalyst staff to the customers site will be arranged as soon as is possible to arrange by mutual agreement for the convenience of both parties. The telephone conversation will, in this case, ensure that when our engineers attend site they have a good pre-existing knowledge of the problem and the likely parts and equipment required to remedy the problem.

Occasionally repair of equipment may not prove possible by a single visit alone. Rarely we will have to return equipment to our workshops or suppliers and make further visits as required.

On-Line Services and Third Parties

Terms for connection to our on-line data services are governed by the Acceptable Use Policy detailed in the developer documentation.

Whilst we offer connection facilities to our on-line data services to the vast majority of web developers we do reserve the right at our discretion not to deal with a very few web developers. This decision is based on our previous experience, the developers technical expertise and their previously demonstrated business ethics.

Where use of the Platinum Software involves interaction with, and the storage of material on, web space provided by the Company, certain restrictions apply as follows.

  • You may not store or transfer adult material of any kind, nor any copyrighted material of which you are not the owner.
  • If your usage of the facilities is judged to be excessive or otherwise in detriment to the use of the facilities by others, you will be advised, and expected to moderate your usage accordingly.
  • Failure to comply with the above may result in your ability to make use of the facilities provided being withdrawn.
  • Use of any internet service is strictly limited to clients who have either a valid maintenance contract or current rental agreement covering the portions of the software accessing or using the internet.
  • The upload to Catalyst FindIt may be performed automatically and/or manually up to a maximum of 4 times within a 24 hour period.
  • Any use of our hosting services must retain the copyright "cat-cms-catalyst-Footer" html "<div>" which should also be visible (i.e. foreground and background should be sufficiently different as to remain obvious).

Third Party Software

Catalyst make every effort to ensure that all software is fit for the primary purpose for which it was sold. We cannot however guarantee that every facet of all third party software that we sell works perfectly. We alas have little control over third party software and thus cannot accept any liability for problems caused by it. We will however help in the contacting of software authors in the event of such problems arising and to help our clients to resolve the problem if possible.

Third Party Parts & Price Files Supplied

Catalyst may supply parts and price files derived from various manufacturers and distributors.

These will be supplied in accordance with the wishes of the source of the data and therefore may not be available to all software users.

Parts and pricing data supplied by Catalyst is supplied in good faith and is unchecked as we have no method of verification. It remains the responsibility of the client company using the data to verify its accuracy and Catalyst cannot be held liable for any consequential losses caused by the client not verifying that prices and part numbers are correct.

It is inevitable that parts and price information is altered from time to time. This is obviously beyond the control of Catalyst. File updates are therefore chargeable in addition to software and maintenance costs.

Catalyst make every effort to ensure that updates to stock and price files are available and with our clients in advance of any price change. Unfortunately we are not always able to do this as we depend ourselves on notification from various manufacturers who are prone to overlooking the notification of Catalyst.

Catalyst do not undertake to inform all individual software users of all file updates. Catalyst will however announce via their Parts & Price news feed (which can be subscribed to) any parts files that are available. Catalyst will also notify companies who, in Catalysts experience, are likely to want a particular file update. In these cases, an email notification will be made.

The latest version of Platinum will download any subscribed Parts & Price files on a successful connection to our update server. For any file update without a subscription Catalyst require an undertaking in writing from a client company. Confirmation is best provided to Catalyst in the form of a signed fax. Either the fax back form from a Catalyst file change reminder or fax back of a Catalyst sales order form are ideal and swift methods to achieve this.

Parts and Price files are supplied on the basis that they are to be used only inside Platinum Software and should never be exported from Platinum Software by any means, nor should they be supplied to any third party organisation either or fully or in part. Catalyst reserve the right to recover any consequential losses due to unauthorised redistribution of any parts file information from the organisation that we have supplied the data in good faith.


When selling training we at Catalyst undertake to supply staff suited to training in the product or products stated on the sales order. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee learning as the quality and dedication of our pupils are beyond our immediate control!


All new hardware is warranted for one year from purchase, whilst all pre owned hardware is warranted for three months unless specifically stated otherwise.

All hardware under warranty or maintenance contract will be repaired or replaced on site unless specifically stated otherwise. We may elect to bring equipment off site for repair from time to time. The time the equipment is off site and thus unavailable for use will be kept to a minimum.

Hardware repairs may be carried out either by Catalyst or third party staff at the discretion of Catalyst. Data and/or program loss resulting from the failure of hardware will be minimised by Catalyst's staff but ultimately Catalyst cannot guarantee that loss of data will not occur.

Supply of Computers

Computers purchased are often intended to replace existing equipment. When Catalyst supply a PC it should be understood that unless we explicitly state in writing that we undertake to migrate an existing program or data, then we will not do so. We further do not guarantee that existing applications will even run as that is entirely beyond the control of Catalyst. Such issues should be addressed to the original suppliers and authors of the software concerned.

Likewise links to other equipment may differ with newer PC’s, interfaces change and peripheral equipment used by an earlier piece of equipment may no longer be supported.

Catalyst often sell time in order to install equipment. Within this time constraint we will make every effort to help resolve issues associated with migration on a "best endeavours" basis.

Operating Systems

In general PC's are supplied with an operating system. The operating system installed will be as per the sales order. If no operating system is listed on a sales order none will be supplied. Catalyst may at its discretion install operating systems already owned by a client under their written instructions. Operating systems when sold with PC's will be configured by Catalyst to perform as per client's system requirements at installation time. Should the clients requirements change subsequent to installation and this require Catalyst to re-configure the operating system, Catalyst will charge for this reconfiguration time at Catalyst's labour rates standard at the time. In common with all third party software Catalyst cannot guarantee that the product will be free from faults (bugs). Catalyst do however warrant that the product will perform the task or tasks for which it was sold adequately and reliably.

Operating systems are, by their very nature, very flexible and can be configured by the user for their own requirements. Similarly clients can and do load additional software. Software loaded will alter operating system configuration and in some cases can damage the operating system. For this reason Catalyst warrant only that the operating system will be supplied in a working state and will work with all applications loaded by Catalyst staff at this time. If operating systems are re-configured or additional software is installed Catalyst do not and cannot warrant that everything will then work flawlessly. Unfortunately operating systems are complicated and prone to problems. We at Catalyst can resolve most issues that arise but reserve the right to charge for any work carried out in doing this.


All repair or warranty work will be carried out on the basis that it is our aim to return equipment to previous condition (when working) or as close to it as is possible. We will re-install software and restore back up copies of data if appropriate and available. Installation of software is on the basis of Best Efforts. Our staff do not have encyclopaedic knowledge of all products. They will in consultation with the client attempt to re-install software in its original configuration but we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible.

Catalyst cannot guarantee that data and or programs will not be lost during a repair process. It is therefore essential that clients have adequate back up copies of programs and data before Catalyst effect any repair on equipment. Should adequate back up copies not exist Catalyst can accept no liability for program and/or data loss or corruption.

Catalyst retain the right to dispose of as they see fit any equipment not collected following repair in our workshops if it is not collected within three calendar months of its arrival in our workshops for repair.

Labour may be sold by Catalyst in one of two ways, either fixed cost or variable cost depending on time spent on the work. The type of charge will be clearly indicated on the sales order for the work.

Fixed Price Work

In general terms we often sell labour in terms of full and half days. In the case of training these times represent three or six hours on site respectively. In the case of installation this time will be an estimate of time required and we may spend either more or less time on site. We will however charge the stated time on an order regardless of over or under run of time.

Variably Priced Work

When labour is quoted on the basis of an hourly rate Catalyst will charge for the work based on the time that Catalyst staff are on site. The hourly rate is payable for every hour or part on an hour that one of our engineers is on site. For example two hours and twenty minutes will be charged as three hours on site as we have two complete hours and a fraction of the third hour. The minimum cost for a site visit will thus be one hour.

Problem Solving

Catalyst have a wide range of hardware and software skills. We are often asked to help with the resolution of various problems with hardware, software & configuration not supplied by Catalyst. Due to the complexity of computer systems it is not possible to guarantee to solve problems. It should be clearly understood that Catalyst will charge for time consumed in investigation and attempted problem solving regardless of the outcome. In short we will charge regardless of whether the problem is solved, part solved or remains unchanged. It should also be noted that whilst Catalyst make every effort to ensure that no problems happen, the effects of fixing one computer problem may well be to cause others. Catalyst cannot accept responsibility for any accidental loss of functionality or data loss.


Catalyst will, if required, configure routers and modems to communicate over telephone lines. These lines will in all probability accrue charges to the customer. Catalyst make strenuous efforts to ensure that all communication charges are minimised, but by the very nature of computers, they are open to configuration by users. Catalyst can advise on how to monitor call charges and can often recommend or supply software to monitor these but ultimately it is the client's responsibility to ensure that call costs are not excessive. In short the client should monitor call costs and advise Catalyst if the client feels that these are excessive. Catalyst can then advise or reconfigure as required.


Computer viruses have become an unpleasant and ever present threat to computer systems. Catalyst make strenuous efforts to prevent the spread of viruses. The nature of viruses is unfortunately that they are ever changing. We therefore cannot guarantee to detect all viruses. Whilst every effort is made to prevent it we cannot absolutely guarantee not to inadvertently distribute viruses. As virus damage is the result of malicious activity by often unknown individuals and is beyond our ability to control Catalyst cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by viruses inadvertently distributed with our products or by our staff.

Viruses will often damage the programs and data held on computers. Permanent data loss is often the result of virus attack. As Catalyst have no control over media placed into computers or their connection to networks Catalyst can take no responsibility for the effects of viruses. Catalyst does have considerable experience in virus removal and the repairing of damage caused. Any work undertaken by Catalyst associated with viruses will be considered beyond the terms of any warranty or maintenance contract and will be chargeable to the client at our usual labour rates.

Many viruses cause deliberate damage to data and program files. Some do this on a large scale. It cannot be stressed to strongly that Back up copies of programs and data are essential in order to make recovery from virus damage as painless as is possible.

Back Ups

We strongly recommend that for best practice computers are completely and regularly backed up and that those back ups are checked for integrity. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that these back up data copies are regularly and successfully performed. For security of data we recommend that these back up copies of information are stored securely and at a remote location.


These terms were last modified on 16th March 2018.