Managing your Workshop

The Workshop Management module is a purpose designed package for use in administering heavy haulage workshops. It allows you to keep your job tasks organised with a fully featured workshop diary.

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POD Scanning

Simple Proof of Delivery Scanning

With our mobile device app there is no need for expensive special devices to get your proof of delivery, simply take a photo of the signed delivery sheet, the app will do the rest – uploading to your Platinum Software as and when the internet is available.

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Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Our Platinum modules have report generators built in giving you full freedom and flexibility. There are many standard reports built into the system, when you need a more specific report you can design your own in minutes.

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Logistics Planning and Invoicing

Logistics Planning and Invoicing

Job Planning is a key tool in any busy Logistics and Road Haulage company allowing an overview of all jobs, pending and completed. Simple status amendment, POD scanning, drop sequence setting, driver and trailer allocation are all possible from one central point.

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Multi-Site and Multi-User

Multi-Site and Multi-User

By using a combination of conventional PC hardware and state of the art software we can provide a very fast secure operation using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the Internet via a broadband connection. Up to the minute access to stock information for depots is then always available.

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Logistics and Road Haulage

Logistics and Road Haulage Costings

Our costings module allows you to generate reports showing driver revenue, vehicle usage by period along with any costs incurred.

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Accounts and Administration

Platinum accounts is a conventional, double entry book keeping system, with Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, it can be integrated with all other Platinum modules. Our fully featured payroll package allows the simple calculation of national insurance, tax, pensions and other payroll details.

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Motorcycle Case Study

Large Multi-site Multi-franchise

Motorcycle Dealer

This customer is a large multi-site multi-franchise motorcycle retailer with five sites. They have been a customer of Catalyst using Platinum software since 1994 when they operated from a single site. The power and flexibility of Platinum software has helped them to grow in a controlled and organised fashion giving a consistent approach and feel as the extra sites have been added. They take full advantage of the software modules including the integrated accounts, stock control and ordering, workshop and vehicle sales.

Bike Sales

The vehicle sales module controls the bike stock and sales down to individual vehicle level and copes with new and used bike sales including both margin and VAT qualifying used bikes. The software automatically uploads bike information to multiple internet sites for advertising purposes, such as eBay, Bike Trader, their own website and the Catalyst FindIt site. It allows them to control all bike sales including part exchanges, accessories sold with the bike, warranty and finance details, and from this, derive performance and commission information by salesman or by site simply and easily.

Workshop Control

The workshop module provides them with a graphical electronic diary split by site showing hours available to sell along with current KPI's. Control of technicians hours attended, taken and sold is built in to the module. All their internal, insurance and warranty jobs are all catered for. Parts required for jobs are allocated or ordered depending on availability and booked straight back to the job when they arrive on site.


Like many of our clients they have opted to take parts and price subscriptions giving them access to the latest parts and prices. Using the links to manufacturers systems that we have developed, they download parts lists from on-line electronic parts catalogues and upload purchase orders electronically to suppliers systems where available.

They also take advantage of the features of Platinum Online – the managing director being a big fan of the graphical performance dashboards and reporting to keep his finger on the pulse of the business. He has several customised KPI reports and can view the performance at each site and/or department individually or for the business as a whole. Using the data from Platinum, each member of staff can review their own performance against target at any time.

Scalable, Powerful and Flexible

Platinum has given scalable, powerful and flexible tools to drive and control the business as it continues to grow and develop. This customer has taken full advantage of them.

Motor Trade Case Study

Top Ten

This customer is in the motor trade specialising in a particular vehicle manufacturer. They sell vehicles, service and supply parts for them. They have a large web presence including a substantial volume of eBay business ranking in the top ten in the UK for parts supply.

Motor Sales

Initially they were entering the orders from eBay onto Platinum manually which had got to the stage where after the weekend, it could take three people all day to enter and process the order information ready for it to be picked in the warehouse thanks to the volume of orders.


We discussed with them how this could be improved and installed our automated order download system that checks for paid orders and downloads them into their Platinum system. As the orders are imported into the system, Platinum checks the customer information to see whether they have bought from them before or whether they are a new customer. Existing customers are matched up so that duplicates are not created; new customers are created automatically. If the match to an existing customer falls within a definable set of limits, the customer and order are placed in a holding area for review. The user is notified that there are records to review, and when reviewing them, they can see the new customer record on one side of the screen and possible matches on the other side. There are then links to allow you to match up the relevant records or to create a new customer if required. Once the customers have been sorted, the orders are then imported into the system.

This system now takes one person about an hour and a half to deal with the orders, and it takes that time because the carriage on the orders has to be checked since they dispatch items all over the world, and because some of the items that they supply are either bulky, heavy or both! The process has allowed them to save a minimum of one man day per week on the processing side – this created a bottleneck in the warehouse so they were able to transfer manpower from order entry to the warehouse picking to relieve this. They have been able to deal with any issues affecting their eBay seller rating more promptly enabling them to enhance their online reputation.

Increased Efficiency

Not long after they implemented the order transfer system, the managing director was concerned that they didn’t seem to be as busy as they had been and thought that they were losing business. He spoke to the director, who assured him that in actual fact they were doing more business, but with dramatically increased efficiency and convenience making it look as though they were doing less business.


The automated download system is not specific to this customer, and is used by a number of other clients very successfully.

Distribution Case Study

Online Retail

Online Retail Distribution

This company trades almost exclusively on-line with both trade and retail customers. Their website is completely bespoke but they needed to streamline their internal procedures. Using the existing capabilities of Platinum software, we implemented procedures for them such that their customer placed the order on the website and the first the company knew about it was when a dispatch note appeared on their printer.

Orders are downloaded and imported into Platinum using our web ordering API, matching up existing customers, creating new ones where necessary and importing any payments made by the customer. The system then gathers these orders, assesses them for stock availability, stock errors and payment verification.

  • If the goods are in stock and order is OK, the items are booked out of stock and the invoice and dispatch label is printed for the goods, all without user intervention.
  • If the order needs manual intervention, the order is flagged with an appropriate status, and the user is notified about these. They can then be checked and remedied as necessary, and fed back into the processing loop once the issues have been resolved.

The system prints one style of dispatch note for retail customers and a different style for trade customers automatically. Certain items are drop-shipped by their suppliers and these are processed by the system to create purchase orders to the supplier with the shipping details carried across automatically. Returns are processed using the system from first contact with the customer, issuing a returns number, through to returning the goods to the supplier and ensuring that the company receives a credit note.

Substantial Growth

The streamlining of the order processing allowed the business to grow substantially without the need for extra staff or resources.

Distribution Case Study

Motorcycle and Ski Clothing, Accessories and Parts

Order Distribution

This company distributes motorcycle and ski clothing, accessories and parts to the trade. They had been using Platinum for some time and needed to have an on-line ordering system accessible by their dealers and sales reps. They investigated over a two year period a number of routes which did not progress satisfactorily, so we persuaded them to look at our Platinum web store option.

After demonstrating its capabilities, making some modifications to suit a trade-orientated business and applying some pressure to the decision makers, they embraced it whole-heartedly and had the on-line ordering system up and running within a fortnight of installation. They were able to set up and configure the content and layout of the store from within their Platinum software, and have a degree of control of the aesthetics of the store using custom style sheets.

Easy, Simple Ordering

Orders can be placed by customers or by sales reps on behalf of customers, picking up the customer’s pricing matrix and displaying real time stock availability. There are also configurable mandatory fields for order notes and order numbers. Once the order has been placed, it is downloaded automatically into the Platinum software system and we configured a scheduled task for them that printed the orders out as they came in.The orders are then checked and processed for picking.

Low Cost, Highly Configurable On-line Ordering

This has given them a low cost, highly configurable on-line ordering system that integrates seamlessly with their business management system.

Logistics Case Study

Multi-Drop and Bulk Haulage


This customer is a large logistics company doing both multi-drop and bulk haulage. To meet the requirements of new contracts and to work more efficiently, they needed to be able to gather and store real-time information about the jobs that they were doing.

Real Time Information

Our online server API has allowed them to interact securely over the internet with their customers for new jobs and customers, updating jobs and customers, collecting and updating proof of delivery documentation, both on their Platinum system and on the internet. Our API interacts with Platinum Online and Platinum Mobile so that the drivers can not only see what jobs they have to do that day hence reducing telephone calls to the planning team, but once they have completed a delivery, they can upload the signed proof of delivery document immediately, or if they have no internet access, it is queued until access is restored and then uploaded automatically.

Mobile Devices on the Move

These two functions can be done using any mobile device with internet access. The signed proof of delivery is downloaded to Platinum and assigned automatically to the relevant job without any user intervention. This updates the job status so that the planning and operations teams can see the progress of a driver throughout the day. The job information and proof of delivery are also sent to a central repository on the internet from which their customers can download to update their own systems as necessary.

Greater Efficiency

This system has allowed the customer to drive greater efficiency within the business and to meet the needs and demands of their customers.

Retail Case Study

Large Retail Store Presence on the High Street

This customer is a high street retailer with 120 stores across the UK. We were involved from day one and have supplied a complete IT solution for their business including tills in the stores, head office backup and administration including payroll, hardware and ongoing support and maintenance.

Head Office

At head office, they have a complete back office system covering accounts, payroll, stock control and ordering. The stock control and ordering cover both the warehouse at head office and all the stores. They control all aspects of their product range from their Platinum software including barcoding, pricing and the offers that they want to provide in the stores, such as “buy one, get one free”, “buy two, get one free” and other variations of retail promotion that they require. This information is sent to the stores on an overnight automated routine which compiles the information to be transferred and uploads it to a central server on the internet. The information is then downloaded automatically by the individual stores and updates the store information with the products, prices and offers.

Retail Stores

Retail Sales

The tills in the stores are touch-screen terminals where items can be sold using barcode scanners or using the touch screens which show product category areas and then product item buttons within those categories. The sales are processed through the tills and provided that there is an internet connection available, the details of the sale are communicated back to head office in real time. This allows footfall, sales and takings to be analysed with up to the minute data and the managing director reviews this information using our Platinum Online system on any mobile device that he has available at that time anywhere in the world. If the internet is not available for any reason, the sales information is queued up at the store and once communication is re-established with head office, the queued sales are sent to update head office. This allows the stores to continue to trade without interruption even if the internet is not available.

Stock taking in the stores and the warehouse is done using our Platinum Online system that updates the head office system in real time provided that there is an internet connection. Stock levels are synchronised with head office as part of the overnight data transfer routine.

The information from the stores updates the live accounts system on a daily basis in summary form to keep the volume of data to a manageable level. This can then be validated against the takings for each store to reconcile the figures and to flag up any anomalies such as shorts/overs on the takings. The stock control integrates with the accounting system so that stock and cost of sales information is generated automatically. The accounts system can produce a profit & loss for the whole business or by store if required. The accounting information can be extracted to file for further analysis specific to the customer.


The customer has an integrated system to control his whole business that can be scaled up easily as new stores are added and at very reasonable cost.

The KTM Centre

The KTM Centre

The KTM Centre as the name implies a motorcycle business dedicated to sales and support of the KTM brand. Situated in the London commuter zone this Solus franchise is passionate about the brand they support.

They link to their own area on our FindIt website for their used bike search. Colours have been configured to match their own website along with their own website header image, email enquires will be sent directly to them for any enquiries about their bike stock.

  • As you can see the "plug in" is very flexible and even better it comes free when you have a current rental or maintenance agreement for our Platinum Vehicle Sales module.
  • As a Bonus all motorcycles are automatically listed on Visordown Classifieds, Auto-Kingdom, BikeShack and our very own Catalyst FindIt websites to increase their chance of being found by their next owner.


Saltire Motorcycles

Saltire Motorcycles

Having twice been voted as the UK’s number one Japanese franchised motorcycle dealers by RIDE Magazine, Saltire Motorcycles covering the Lothian region offers new and used motorcycles whether you simply want a learner legal motorbike, want to choose from a wide range of scooters; or whether you’re in the market for something more adventurous like one of their sports, street, custom or adventure/touring bikes.

They are using our Free website "plug in" for the their used bike lister. Various levels of configuration are available, from Catalyst setting up your colour scheme for you right through to client hosted and styled "ccs" file styling. For the "tech" folk out there the "plug in" runs in an "iframe" and is using their own hosted and styled "ccs" file allowing the client full control over the look and feel of their used bikes list.

  • As you can see the "plug in" is very flexible and even better it comes free when you have a current rental or maintenance agreement for our Platinum Vehicle Sales module.
  • As a Bonus all motorcycles are automatically listed on Visordown Classifieds, Auto-Kingdom, BikeShack and our very own Catalyst FindIt websites to increase their chance of being found by their next owner.

Robinsons Foundry

Robinsons Foundry

The powerful Robinsons Foundry eShop is designed by DealerWebs with data supplied via our third party eCommerce solution.

Using the same technology that we use to securely feed our customers vehicle stock data to third parties for listing on various websites, DealerWebs take a feed from our data server and weave their magic, integration with our Platinum DMS is close allowing for real-time stock quantities and orders placed being transmitted back to the Platinum DMS instantly, allowing Robinsons Foundry to continue to give the excellent customer service and speedy service they are known for.

All the data functions we use in our own hosted eShop sites are available to third parties. We don't hold anything back allowing for truly integrated solutions between your DMS and website when selling over the web.


Tran Am - Dealer Online Ordering

TranAm's dealer network have access to the TranAm catalogue using the eTrade solution from Catalyst.

Our flexible eShop solutions allow this trade shop to require a login before any of the catalogue or stock availability is seen. It is configured so some retail shop accounts who have their head office order the stock use the eShop as a stock availability and price enquiry service only (ordering for these accounts is disabled).

The eShop uses our 'user styled CSS' facility allowing for a totally seamless visual integration into TranAm's existing website.

Once logged in, the trade and retail prices are shown along with the real-time stock availability. The Account Manager function of the eTrade shop allows the TranAm account manager's to place orders from their tablet computers on behalf of the dealership there are visiting, of course with the trade prices specific to that account.

If part numbers are already known browsing and searching for that part can be by-passed by entering the part number directly into the basket for speedy entry.

Any orders placed are sent back to Tran Am's Platinum DMS instantly saving time and any re-keying errors, allowing for a quick and efficient service to their Dealer Network.

Catalyst Computer Systems

Catalyst Computer Systems

We of course use our own eShop solution for our on-line store, it has been styled using 'user styled CSS' facility to match the rest of our website. This flexible eCommerce solution allows you to match colour schemes, backgrounds, borders, everything to allow your eShop to match the theme of our website producing seamless integration between your website and our eCommerce eShop

Orders placed are downloaded into our Platinum system (We’d be crazy to have such a fantastic management tool at hand like Platinum and not use it!) in real time allowing our Sales team to turn around orders fast and efficiently.