Keep track of your shop sales

The Shop Sales module allows you to keep details of your products such as stock levels, locations, prices, and suppliers. With a full history of every stock movement it's an invaluable tool to stay on top of all your sales of parts and accessories.

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Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Our Platinum modules have report generators built in giving you full freedom and flexibility. There are many standard reports built into the system, when you need a more specific report you can design your own in minutes.

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Vehicle Sales

Vehicle Sales

The Vehicle Sales Module is an essential part of every dealer’s armoury. It is a purpose designed program for administering vehicle sales, including a sales aid, a managerial database and an accounting system.

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Free Web Advertising

Free Web Advertising

Free advertising of your vehicle stock and a free add on to an existing web site, completely free, simple and quick to implement. Information can be exported to various third party advertising web sites and clients own web sites.

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Vehicle Workshop

Managing your Workshop

The Workshop Management module is a purpose designed package for use in administering motor trade workshops. It allows you to keep your job tasks organised with a fully featured workshop and body shop diary.

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Electronic Parts and Prices

Parts and Prices

Parts files are available to franchised dealers for many of the major vehicle manufacturers. With our powerful Data Import module you can import your suppliers parts and price files.

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Vehicle Hire

Vehicle Hire

This module is the perfect tool for helping to reduce this administration work and acts as an organisational tool for all booking and hire activities made within the business.

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Accounts and Administration

Platinum accounts is a conventional, double entry book keeping system, with Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, it can be integrated with all other Platinum modules. Our fully featured payroll package allows the simple calculation of national insurance, tax, pensions and other payroll details.

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Multi-Site and Multi-User

Multi-Site and Multi-User

By using a combination of conventional PC hardware and state of the art software we can provide a very fast secure operation using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the Internet via a broadband connection. Up to the minute access to stock information for branches is then always available.

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Motor Trade Case Study

Top Ten

This customer is in the motor trade specialising in a particular vehicle manufacturer. They sell vehicles, service and supply parts for them. They have a large web presence including a substantial volume of eBay business ranking in the top ten in the UK for parts supply.

Motor Sales

Initially they were entering the orders from eBay onto Platinum manually which had got to the stage where after the weekend, it could take three people all day to enter and process the order information ready for it to be picked in the warehouse thanks to the volume of orders.


We discussed with them how this could be improved and installed our automated order download system that checks for paid orders and downloads them into their Platinum system. As the orders are imported into the system, Platinum checks the customer information to see whether they have bought from them before or whether they are a new customer. Existing customers are matched up so that duplicates are not created; new customers are created automatically. If the match to an existing customer falls within a definable set of limits, the customer and order are placed in a holding area for review. The user is notified that there are records to review, and when reviewing them, they can see the new customer record on one side of the screen and possible matches on the other side. There are then links to allow you to match up the relevant records or to create a new customer if required. Once the customers have been sorted, the orders are then imported into the system.

This system now takes one person about an hour and a half to deal with the orders, and it takes that time because the carriage on the orders has to be checked since they dispatch items all over the world, and because some of the items that they supply are either bulky, heavy or both! The process has allowed them to save a minimum of one man day per week on the processing side – this created a bottleneck in the warehouse so they were able to transfer manpower from order entry to the warehouse picking to relieve this. They have been able to deal with any issues affecting their eBay seller rating more promptly enabling them to enhance their online reputation.

Increased Efficiency

Not long after they implemented the order transfer system, the managing director was concerned that they didn’t seem to be as busy as they had been and thought that they were losing business. He spoke to the director, who assured him that in actual fact they were doing more business, but with dramatically increased efficiency and convenience making it look as though they were doing less business.


The automated download system is not specific to this customer, and is used by a number of other clients very successfully.


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  • Jayray Vehicle Solutions Ltd

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Software Demonstrations

Purchasing the correct software to run your business is vitally important. Getting the correct software will minimise time spent by staff in administration and maximise the effectiveness of your business.

In order to help you make this crucial choice we are very happy to provide free demonstrations of our products to ensure that it performs as you need and expect. This can be done in any one of three ways.

  • We can visit you at your premises, this provides us with an excellent opportunity to assess your requirements.
  • We would be delighted for you to come here to Catalyst, we would love the opportunity to show you our company, it's support facilities and introduce our support team.
  • We can provide, usually at very short notice, an on-line remote demonstration of our software via the Internet.

Which ever way you choose, our aim is to explain how the power of Platinum Software can help your business grow.

For remote demonstrations, we will call you by telephone at the appointed time, simply click on the button below to start the demonstration, we will provide a session ID and password (no software will be installed on your machine and the demonstration is secure and safe).