Multi-Site and Multi-User

Multi-Site and Multi-User

By using a combination of conventional PC hardware and state of the art software we can provide a very fast secure operation using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the Internet via a broadband connection. Up to the minute access to stock information for branches is then always available.

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Trade Sales

Trade Sales

The Trade Sales module allows you to keep details of your products such as stock levels, locations, prices, and suppliers. With a full history of every stock movement it's an invaluable tool to stay on top of all your trade sales.

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Accounts and Administration

Platinum accounts is a conventional, double entry book keeping system, with Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, it can be integrated with all other Platinum modules. Our fully featured payroll package allows the simple calculation of national insurance, tax, pensions and other payroll details.

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Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Our Platinum modules have report generators built in giving you full freedom and flexibility. There are many standard reports built into the system, when you need a more specific report you can design your own in minutes.

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Internet Sales

Internet Sales

Our software interfaces with many web ordering systems allowing for real time order processing - as the client places an order for an item on-line it arrives in your order processing system allowing for fast efficient customer service.

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Distribution Case Study

Online Retail

Online Retail Distribution

This company trades almost exclusively on-line with both trade and retail customers. Their website is completely bespoke but they needed to streamline their internal procedures. Using the existing capabilities of Platinum software, we implemented procedures for them such that their customer placed the order on the website and the first the company knew about it was when a dispatch note appeared on their printer.

Orders are downloaded and imported into Platinum using our web ordering API, matching up existing customers, creating new ones where necessary and importing any payments made by the customer. The system then gathers these orders, assesses them for stock availability, stock errors and payment verification.

  • If the goods are in stock and order is OK, the items are booked out of stock and the invoice and dispatch label is printed for the goods, all without user intervention.
  • If the order needs manual intervention, the order is flagged with an appropriate status, and the user is notified about these. They can then be checked and remedied as necessary, and fed back into the processing loop once the issues have been resolved.

The system prints one style of dispatch note for retail customers and a different style for trade customers automatically. Certain items are drop-shipped by their suppliers and these are processed by the system to create purchase orders to the supplier with the shipping details carried across automatically. Returns are processed using the system from first contact with the customer, issuing a returns number, through to returning the goods to the supplier and ensuring that the company receives a credit note.

Substantial Growth

The streamlining of the order processing allowed the business to grow substantially without the need for extra staff or resources.

Distribution Case Study

Motorcycle and Ski Clothing, Accessories and Parts

Order Distribution

This company distributes motorcycle and ski clothing, accessories and parts to the trade. They had been using Platinum for some time and needed to have an on-line ordering system accessible by their dealers and sales reps. They investigated over a two year period a number of routes which did not progress satisfactorily, so we persuaded them to look at our Platinum web store option.

After demonstrating its capabilities, making some modifications to suit a trade-orientated business and applying some pressure to the decision makers, they embraced it whole-heartedly and had the on-line ordering system up and running within a fortnight of installation. They were able to set up and configure the content and layout of the store from within their Platinum software, and have a degree of control of the aesthetics of the store using custom style sheets.

Easy, Simple Ordering

Orders can be placed by customers or by sales reps on behalf of customers, picking up the customer’s pricing matrix and displaying real time stock availability. There are also configurable mandatory fields for order notes and order numbers. Once the order has been placed, it is downloaded automatically into the Platinum software system and we configured a scheduled task for them that printed the orders out as they came in.The orders are then checked and processed for picking.

Low Cost, Highly Configurable On-line Ordering

This has given them a low cost, highly configurable on-line ordering system that integrates seamlessly with their business management system.


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Software Demonstrations

Purchasing the correct software to run your business is vitally important. Getting the correct software will minimise time spent by staff in administration and maximise the effectiveness of your business.

In order to help you make this crucial choice we are very happy to provide free demonstrations of our products to ensure that it performs as you need and expect. This can be done in any one of three ways.

  • We can visit you at your premises, this provides us with an excellent opportunity to assess your requirements.
  • We would be delighted for you to come here to Catalyst, we would love the opportunity to show you our company, it's support facilities and introduce our support team.
  • We can provide, usually at very short notice, an on-line remote demonstration of our software via the Internet.

Which ever way you choose, our aim is to explain how the power of Platinum Software can help your business grow.

For remote demonstrations, we will call you by telephone at the appointed time, simply click on the button below to start the demonstration, we will provide a session ID and password (no software will be installed on your machine and the demonstration is secure and safe).