KTM Franchises

Catalyst are authors of Platinum Software which has many features to help and support the KTM franchised motorcycle dealership.

Catalyst can help you gain full control of all aspects of your business with one fully integrated and easy to use, computer system. We offer systems for every budget and every size of company. We are always happy to visit you in order to discuss your exact requirements, demonstrate our products and prepare a plan of action with detailed costings.

For those KTM companies where cash flow is critical, or who are not sure about a long term commitment then we can offer a simple rental agreement on the software component of the system.

Below are just some of the features that Platinum has to offer, please feel free to contact our sales team for a pre-sales consultation provided at your premises entirely free of charge and without obligation.

  • Using our advanced search technology, stock items may be found by simply typing any combination of words, in any order. As Platinum is designed with the KTM dealer in mind you can enter codes with dashes or without and many mis-keyed entries are automatically corrected to help you find the part code you want
  • Versatile point of sale labels that can include bar codes and company graphics
  • Fully integrated retail hardware including barcode scanners, credit card authorisation (chip and pin), till drawers and receipt printers
  • Comprehensive stock book
  • Automatic update of web based motorcycle advertising pages
  • Unit fact sheets
  • Full featured finance optimiser
  • Profit & Commission Reporting
  • Fully integrated KTM accessory & extras
  • Customer retention with after sales mailing via mail, SMS and e-Mail
  • Simplified workshop input by standard jobs
  • Insurance & warranty work monitoring and invoicing
  • Real time technician logging via simple barcode input
  • Diary planning & workshop loading
  • Complete history of all work done by unit
  • Full professional accounts comprising Sales, Purchase & Nominal Ledgers


Parts: We can pre-install on Platinum DMS the latest KTM parts & price file. Subscribe to the update service to have your copy of Platinum download and install the latest KTM parts & prices when one becomes available.

EDI: Platinum is designed to link directly to the KTM in house stock ordering system. When a customer special order is taken, or a stock order created, Platinum’s purchase order processing system can place the order directly into the KTM ordering system making this an incredibly quick and simple process.