Remote Support

Our dedicated Software Support Team are on hand and available to everyone with a current maintenance contract for their copy of Platinum Software. Software Rentals include Platinum software support.

There maybe times while running a busy company whereby you run into something that you require a helping hand with to help you, for example to use the system more efficiently to give you more time for other things. This is where the Catalyst Remote Support can help, this system allows us to securely dial on to your PC allowing our support team to see what is on your screen, giving you direct access to help quickly, and efficiently answer any questions you have or solve any problems without the need for you to describe the sometimes technical issues you may be running into.

This is a secure system and ONLY the Catalyst Support team will have access to your PC once you give them the ID number.


Downloading Remote Support Software

  • Click here to download the remote support software
  • One the “Open File – Security Warning” box click [Run]
  • After a small pause you will see a “Catalyst Remote Support” box appear. Leave this box on the screen.
  • Next, simply log a call for a Catalyst Software Support Specialist and leave a message with a brief description of the problem.
  • Once your call is returned, simply give your Support Specialist the ID number from the “Catalyst Teamviewer QuickSupport” box and they will be able to help you resolve any issues you have.

In general, TeamViewer will always work if surfing on the Internet is possible. Hence, no firewall configuration should be required.