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Each month, our support team addresses some commonly asked questions to help you learn more about Platinum.


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March 2023

Quick Guide to reordering

Did you know the reordering option allows you to review suggested order quantities and create the required Purchase Orders from one menu option?

Click here for a quick guide to reordering


February 2023

How to return faulty items

We recommend you raise a returns purchase order when returning goods to a supplier.

Click here to learn how to create and process your order


January 2023

Print a customer statement

Keeping on top of your debtors can be managed by sending out monthly statements to your customers.

Click here to see how to send individual statements or to all customers via email


December 2022

Create standard workshop jobs

Do you find you constantly add the same text and parts to common workshop jobs? If so creating standard jobs within the workshop system will speed up the process.

Click here to learn how to create a standard workshop job


November 2022

Useful keys in Platinum

Navigating through Platinum can be made easier when you know our common keys.

Click here for useful keys in Platinum


October 2022

Bulk supplier payments

Paying suppliers is a necessary but time consuming process. Using the bulk payments option you can carry out a payment run in minutes.

Click here to see how to authorise and make bulk supplier payments


September 2022

Adding a fuel surcharge to logistics invoices

We understand that fuel charges are a high cost to a haulage business.

Click here to learn how to add a fuel surcharge to logistics invoices


August 2022

Setting up repetitive journals

Do you find you are posting the same journals every month for standing orders such as loan repayments?

Click here to see how to set up repetitive journals


July 2022

Sale or return service to your customers

Do you offer a sale or return service to your customers?

Click here for guidance on how to stock and sell sale or return units


June 2022

Lucky dip stock checks

Do you find it tricky to keep on top of your stock?

Click here to learn how to do regular “random” lucky dip stock checks using Platinum