The Impact of New Agricultural Machinery, Technology and Equipment for Dealers

Catalyst took part in LAMMA 2024, an event that connects farmers across a range of sectors with companies offering cutting-edge agricultural machinery, technology, and equipment. We took this opportunity to speak with experts to hear their views on how these new machinery and technology is impacting the sector.

Watch the video below to hear from James Buchanan, Sales Director, Ibcos & Catalyst, Simon Chadbone, Development Manager, Kubota UK, Des Boyd, Sales Director, Kramp UK, Tim Mueller, Export Manager, Granit Parts, Thomas Banbury, Managing Director, South West Handling Ltd., and Pawel Tomczak, Managing Director, ADR UK Tyremart.















Interview Summary

James Buchanan shares that technology drives the sector. If we look back to original tractors and compare them with today, we have driverless hands free tractors. Technology drives the efficiencies within the farm, which impacts the food that we get on the table and subsequently impacts the profitability of those farms and the profitability of those dealers who are serving those farmers.

Des Boyd discusses how more and more products are being brought in from across the globe. Farmers and dealers need to look at where they can source those products from a wholesale point of view, as well as how they can be maintained.

Simon Chadbone mentions the impact on decision making in the sector. A lot of the data related technology is enabling us to make informed decisions rather than emotional ones. This means that dealers are in a much stronger position to see a positive return on investments, whether that’s machinery, maintenance, or service contracts.

Thomas Banbury discusses how new technology has made it much quicker and easier to diagnose issues from a desk for a customer in a field and get them back working. This reduces downtime and increases profits for the farmer or construction worker.

Pawel Tomczak believes that the biggest opportunities are still within digitalisation. The agriculture sector is moving into the digital world and ease of access of data and information will be crucial to the performance in the market.

Tim Mueller adds that technology continues to be a main driver in the agriculture sector as we tackle new environmental and geopolitical challenges.


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