Key Challenges Facing Agriculture Dealers in 2024

Catalyst Computer Systems took part in LAMMA 2024, an event that connects farmers across a range of sectors with companies offering cutting-edge agricultural machinery, technology, and equipment.

At LAMMA 2024, we took the opportunity to interview key stakeholders to gain a better understanding and shed light on the key challenges that agriculture dealers will face in 2024. Watch the video below to hear from James Buchanan, Sales Director, Ibcos & Catalyst, Simon Chadbone, Development Manager, Kubota UK, Des Boyd, Sales Director, Kramp UK, Tim Mueller, Export Manager, Granit Parts, Thomas Banbury, Managing Director, South West Handling Ltd., and Pawel Tomczak, Managing Director, ADR UK Tyremart.



Interview Summary

James Buchanan believes that the main challenge will be the continuation of last year’s challenge, the financial impact of high interests compounded by manufacturers stocking their dealers with machines and those dealers having the interest payments on those machines.

Simon Chadbone mentions the economic challenges around pricing and the importance of dealers reacting to this with what they can offer outside of the norm.

Des Boyd highlighted adapting to the ongoing changes from Brexit as well as environmental challenges with the weather being particularly wet.

Tim Mueller discussed cash flow being a main issue with an increase in supply and decrease in demand.

Thomas Banbury also mentioned high interest rates as a challenge highlighting the lack of funding within the industry now to re-invest in new equipment.

Pawel Tomczak cited disruption to supply chains caused by geopolitical uncertainty.


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