Opportunities for Agriculture Dealers in 2024

Catalyst Computer Systems took part in LAMMA 2024, an event that connects farmers across a range of sectors with companies offering cutting-edge agricultural machinery, technology and equipment.

At the event, we spoke with a few experts to learn about some of the opportunities for dealers in 2024. Watch the video below to hear from James Buchanan, Sales Director, Ibcos & Catalyst, Simon Chadbone, Development Manager, Kubota UK, Des Boyd, Sales Director, Kramp UK, Tim Mueller, Export Manager, Granit Parts, Thomas Banbury, Managing Director, South West Handling Ltd., and Pawel Tomczak, Managing Director, ADR UK Tyremart.



Interview Summary

James Buchanan starts by discussing the positive impact being made with dealers professionalising in the last decade. We have seen a lot of mergers with large companies who are now investing in customer service. This is to ensure that their customers feel valued, trust the brand, and that a great service is provided. This is a key opportunity for all dealers to continue doing to keep them ahead of their competitors.

Simon Chadbone agrees that delivering a good service and ensuring that the customer experience is great is a key opportunity as well. If this can be done, a business can be grown and when there are challenges, dealers will already be in a good position to overcome them and maximise returns.

Tim Mueller mentions the availability of labour being a positive opportunity as there is an increase of specialists which will be crucial in keeping up with supply and demand.

Thomas Banbury listed the rebuild of Ukraine as being an opportunity where new infrastructure and rebuilding of the country will take priority. Farmers upgrading their equipment is another opportunity that was highlighted.

Pawel Tomczak mentions the marketing being very entrepreneurial as a positive opportunity. This will enable us to adjust to new challenges in the market. Artificial intelligence and new machinery will also help us overcome any new challenges in the coming year.

Des Boyd discusses the changes in farmers techniques as they look broader at some of the products that are brought into the market. Dealers should be aware of where they can purchase these products such as online platforms.


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