Platinum Online v2

Platinum Online version 2 has been rewritten from the ground up to combine the best features of Platinum Online and Platinum Mobile into a single progressive web app.

The old Platinum Online and Platinum Online v2 currently live side-by-side but eventually v2 will take over.

You can try Platinum Online v2 by following the links and “v2” menu options in the old Platinum Online or by adding a bookmark or favourite direct to

  • Platinum Online v2 has a refreshed look and feel although we have tried hard to keep things familiar for existing users.
  • The Workshop and Logistics activity managers have incorporated extra features from Platinum Mobile including the ability to work without a permanent Wi-Fi or mobile data signal.
  • You can now move around and/or collapse sections of the page to suit your requirements.
  • Various places now allow you to scan barcodes using your device’s camera.