From Ambition to Achievement: The Journeys of Paul Alexander and David Laundon

Catalyst Computer Systems proudly celebrates the remarkable careers of two of its key employees, Paul Alexander, and David Laundon. Both have shown dedication and expertise, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and success. Their journeys reflect the spirit of innovation and commitment that Catalyst values.

Starting as a Technical Service Engineer 21 years ago, Paul’s responsibilities expanded in 2020 following Perseus’ acquisition of Catalyst Computer Systems to include overseeing the technical departments for both Catalyst Computer Systems and Ibcos Computers Ltd. Paul developed a Cloud hosting solution for both companies and lead initiatives that modernised Ibcos’ on-premise solutions. Paul’s proactive approach and commitment to user experience and security have been evident throughout his career.

In March 2024, Catalyst Computer Systems created a dedicated management team to drive the company forward, and Paul embraced the opportunity to manage the Application Support and PSG Consultancy teams and was promoted to Customer Services Manager. He is optimistic about Catalyst’s future, emphasising agility and product focus. Beyond work, Paul cherishes family time and DIY projects, embodying a balanced life.

David Laundon is celebrating his 25th anniversary with Catalyst Computer Systems. Born in Leicester, David’s initial exposure to the computing world began uniquely. His parents ran a newsagent’s shop, and as a teenager, he developed a bookkeeping system on the family’s home computer to help the business. This early exposure to problem-solving through technology laid the foundation for his career.

In November 1998, David joined Catalyst Computers as a Junior Programmer. Over the past 25 years, his dedication and technical insight have propelled him through the ranks to become the Development Manager. His role has been key in driving several technological advancements, including migrating Platinum’s database, runtime, and compiler applications from MS-DOS to Windows, a crucial step in modernising the company’s infrastructure.

With Paul Alexander and David Laundon in their new roles, Catalyst Computer Systems is well-positioned and their commitment to the company’s mission ensures Catalyst remains a leader in innovative technology solutions.