Introducing Enhanced Check Sheets – Now Available in Platinum Online!

We are excited to announce the brand-new feature of Platinum Online, Enhanced Check Sheets!

Enhanced Check Sheets can be used by your business to create fully customisable check sheets that can be completed on any device.

They can be created against a Unit or Workshop job, and once submitted can be accessed and managed in desktop Platinum, saving users time and unnecessary paperwork.

Unlike the previous check sheets functionality, users can create a custom check sheet through selecting multiple components of their choice including images, RAG ratings, multiple choice answers, check boxes, free text boxes, guidance notes and logging advisory information. You can now also record customer and technician signatures in real time through your device’s screen.

Enhanced check sheets can be used to create a variety of different documents for your business including service reports, acceptance reports, safety checks, vehicle inspection reports and any other documents you require to complete for a unit or workshop job.

 The key benefits of Enhanced Check Sheets include:

  • Fully digital: Create and complete check sheets on any device reducing unnecessary paperwork and printing costs.
  • Fully customisable: You can create any section, item, or question type in the order you require on your check sheet. You are no longer restricted by fixed templates.
  • Have a complete audit trail: More complex check sheets can be created using our enhanced check sheet functionality, allowing customers and technicians to sign digital copies of each check sheet.
  • Save time and money: Check sheet templates can be created once in your system and rolled out to multiple units and workshop jobs with our easy-to-use wizard. The responses recorded in your check sheet on Platinum Online are updated against the unit and/or job in desktop Platinum.

For more information visit our page here, and to hear from our sales team to begin your Platinum Online journey, contact us at 44 (0) 116 230 1500 or email us at