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Catalyst Computer Systems Ltd.
Granite House,
58 Loughborough Road,
LE12 7AT.
 Telephone +44(0)116 230 1500
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Office hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (for emergency out of hours support see 'Out of Hours' below).

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Jeff Kingsbury-Smith

Managing, Sales & Marketing Director

Jeff Kingsbury-Smith
  • likes: People, great conversation and new ideas; the great 'outdoors', especially Scotland; Acoustic Music; Old things mostly mostly made by 'Triumph', cars and bikes; anything in water, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, frogs, fish and pond life.
  • dislikes: Hypocrisy, prejudice, political correctness, narrow minded people, short term thinking, the endless quest for cheap at the expense of quality, anything with 'celebrity' in the title and waste of any kind.

Charles Allison

Company Secretary, Customer Services & Financial Director

Charles Allison
  • likes: Problem solving; Music; Books; Good hifi; Cars and driving; Mowing lawns; Good food and drink; My job.
  • dislikes: Talent wasted; Skivers; Smartphones; Weeding; Most politicians.

Les Ward

Technical & Software Development Director

Les Ward
  • likes: Being with my wife; Catalyst Computer Systems; Automating boring stuff; Technical problems; Computers; Technology (iPhones, iPads); Photography (Canon EOS 5D and Hipstamatic's); XBOX ONE (Fallout Four, Halo, Destiny...); Cats; Music (Trance, A&B, Underworld); Italy; Italy; Italy; Whitby; North West Scotland (Proposed on top of AnTeallach - she accepted - I had the map to get down...)
  • dislikes: Coffee Shops or Houses (irrespective of franchise); Bad Customer Service; Shopping; Rudeness; Coffee Shops; Cities; Political Correctness; Coffee Shops; Freeloaders; People on the phone while driving; Coffee Shops; People who check their phone for 'messages' mid-conversation (cherry on the cake is when they then proceed to reply!!); Stuff that doesn't work; ''; oh yes, I am not keen on Coffee Shops (it's the unique combination of too many choices, bad service, bad coffee and high prices)