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Catalyst Computer Systems Ltd.
Granite House,
58 Loughborough Road,
LE12 7AT.
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Office hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (for emergency out of hours support see 'Out of Hours' below).

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Marc Nolan

IT Product Sales Manager

Marc Nolan
  • likes: Family time - love a good day out, with the wife and kids; Football - Anything - Manchester United; Playing my PS3 - FIFA & Need For Speed; Cars/Driving-I love anything fast with 4 wheels
  • dislikes: Slow drivers & people that don't indicate (they make my blood boil); Taxmen (they are just legal thieves in my eyes); Mushrooms; The government and how out of touch they are with the real world.

Mike Cameron

Systems Sales Manager

Mike Cameron
  • likes:Track days, Trail Riding, Sailing & Powerboats, Good food & good friends, Treating people as I would have them treat me.
  • dislikes:Short-termism & lack of true strategic investment in our country’s transport infrastructure.

Sarah Lissaman


Sarah Lissaman
  • likes: Live music upfront and sweaty - Most music but please no Jazz (unless in New Orleans), Horses - nothing better than getting out into the countryside riding, Interior decor - planning my new house at present, Food - pretty much anything, usually choose the most obscure thing on the menu, Motorbikes - going too fast!
  • dislikes: Mobile Phones - can't live with them can't live without them!, People that park on double yellow lines - selfish and dangerous!, Junk mail - sends me mad!, Banks - Customer service stinks!, Mobility Scooters - half the users are out of control and rude!

Alex Gamble

Marketing Specialist

Alex Gamble
  • likes: Sports, my favourites are Football, Cricket and Horse Racing; Socialising with friends (usually means playing XBOX); Spending time with family; Being able to drive.
  • dislikes: Politics; Mushrooms; People with a negative outlook; TV Adverts.

Matthew Harris

Marketing Assistant

Matthew Harris
  • likes: Watching and playing football; Driving cars; Socialising with friends and family
  • dislikes: Nottingham Forest; Slow drivers; Losing (especially fifa!)