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Catalyst Computer Systems Ltd.
Granite House,
58 Loughborough Road,
LE12 7AT.
 Telephone +44(0)116 230 1500
 Fax +44(0)116 230 1522
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Office hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (for emergency out of hours support see 'Out of Hours' below).

Out of Hours See here for details.
Urgent Weekend Hotline:  +44(0)781 804 4086
Emergency Out of Hours:

Nigel Smith

Customer Support Manager

Nigel Smith
  • likes: Trail riding on my WR250F; Crisp winter mornings; Family; Delegation; PS3; Birds of Prey; Dogs; Turning my surround sound up louder than I should; TV & Films; Speed; Danger;
  • dislikes: Political correctness; Tasks I cannot delegate; Rules for the sake of Rules; Lorries being restricted to 40MPH on A roads; Health and Safety, I am an adult if I wont to take a risk I will take responsibility for what happens; The claim culture, if you trip on a paving slab then you should have been looking where you were going; Automated phone systems. Press one for ??  I just want to speak to a real person!

Katy Kitchen

Customer Support Manager Assistant

Katy Kitchen
  • likes: My children; Chocolate; Reading crime stories; Singing in a choir; Being organised and writing lists; Animals – particularly horses and guinea pigs.
  • dislikes: Having my photo taken; Spiders; Coffee; Being woken every night by one of my four children and Being disorganised.

Tim Laundon

Customer Support Specialist

Tim Laundon
  • likes: Music, quite varied really, although at heart I'm an 80's Pop Tart!; Going to concerts - Love live music; Gin; Travelling (good job really!); Experimenting in the Kitchen!; Toddington Services!; Meeting new people; City Breaks; Beach Holidays
  • dislikes: Being mistaken for a certain TV celeb (no I'm not telling you're going to have to guess!); Ignorant people/drivers; Weekends that go by way too fast; Roadworks on the M1 between J10 and J13!; Reaching for an empty coffee cup when you were sure there was some left in it; Quorn (that's the sausage not the village!); Jeremy Clarkson!; The Daily Mail

Perry Stewart

Customer Support Assistant

Perry Stewart
  • likes: Formula 1 and many other racing categories; Track days; Food that’s really bad for you; Ciders on a hot day; Maintaining my vehicles and house; Mountain biking around the country (been a while!)
  • dislikes: The endless march against time; Unrealistic requests; Bad manners; Finding fruit in a cake.. ew; People who don’t take the racing line with their shopping trolley.

Nathan Thirkill

Customer Support Assistant

Nathan Thirkill
  • likes: Acoustic guitars; A good book to lose yourself in; Cooking; the Gym (functional training); A good rugby match; Traveling the world with my partner; Martial arts.
  • dislikes: Bad manners; People hogging the middle or fast lanes; Cucumbers; People who are single minded.