Developer News

Here you will find news of any updates to our interfaces or documentation for linking to our on-line systems (e.g. Catalyst FindIt, eCommerce).

  • You will need to be a registered developer with Catalyst (contact programming @ to get your username and password to download the documentation. (The latest copy can always be found at Datafeed.pdf).
  • Terms governing the use of our on-line services for third parties are detailed in the document above in the "Acceptable Use Policy" section.
  • Keep up to date with the latest parts and price changes .

We announced in 2014 that all download feeds and uploads should now be sent to our server at

We then announced earlier this year that the download.php and upload.php scripts on our server at would be retired and taken offline in September.

This is now complete.

Any requests to download.php or upload.php on will now be responding with a 404 Not Found. If this is affecting your website then:

  • Update the domain from which you take datafeeds (download.php) from to
  • Check the request version number (version="..." in the <download> element). If you have not specified it then it will be version 3.
  • Note that the old domain supported versions 3 to 8 only, so if you were requesting a newer version you were in fact only getting version 8, and so that is the version you should request if you want to keep the same response format.
  • Note that the new domain supports versions 6 and above only, so if you were requesting an older version then you will no longer be able to get the same format and will need to check for any breaking changes in the datafeed documentation (see link below).
  • Update the domain to which you submit updates (upload.php) from to
  • Note that we are only talking about the URL you are connecting to. The XML namespace in the request is unchanged.
  • Finally just to clarify: any "real-time" requests you send directly to the client are unchanged.

The latest datafeed documentation can always be found at Datafeed.pdf using the login credentials originally given to you.