Electronic Program Updates

As a user of our software you are probably entitled to update it to the latest version at any time, the only proviso being that the software is covered by current software maintenance. To have current maintenance, the software should be within it’s original cover period from sale (usually a year), under maintenance contract or under a rental agreement.

  • We are continually refining and developing our software. Updates can be done on as much as a daily basis. We don't 'hold back' software for specific release dates - our software is released as and when it has been written and tested.

Click here for instructions on how to install your program update.

  • Keep up to date with the latest software changes with our news.

New Report Generator New Function

It is now possible to write report generator reports that retrieve information from a separate report.


  • Retrieve information from another report.

Duplicate Centres in Ledger Postings

A recent addition prevented you from being able to have duplicate entries for a centre in "Sale and Purchase Ledger Postings". This has now been rectified.

Workshop Job Item Sorting

Currently job items will always be grouped by "Category", and we recently added the option to move items around within their category to control where they appear on printed documents. We have now added the option to move items around completely independent of their category.

  • You may disable category grouping through "Workshop Management" -> "Maintenance Options" -> "Parameters" -> "General Job Parameters (1)". You should note however that this option is not compatible with totalling by category, which will no longer be available.

e-Commerce Overseas Customers

Our integrated Platinum O+ e-commerce web site solution has been enhanced with better support for overseas customers. When a web customer registers on the website they now have the option to specify their country and, optionally for business customers, their V.A.T. registration number.

The website uses these to determine whether UK V.A.T. should be included in prices, and updates the prices shown and invoiced appropriately.

The passing customer browsing the website can also quickly flip prices between VAT-inclusive and VAT-exclusive so they know what they can expect to pay should they wish to register and then buy.

New Credit Card authorisation option

Platinum can now connect with the new "TNSPay Payment Client" software from Transaction Network Services for processing credit card payments.

Features of the new TNS software:

  • Newer, simpler and more reliable.
  • Fully PCI DSS compiant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Fully Windows 7 compatible.
  • For more information please contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on (0116) 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page.

eBay Sales Import

Platinum can now automatically download and import all of your eBay sales into your "Sales Order Processing" system, saving you the time of finding or creating customer records and letting you concentrate on the important business of dispatching goods to your valuable customers!

This new link builds on top of the proven Platinum O system that can allow sales from all of your e-commerce websites to be imported into your "Sales Order Processing" system, with a new interface that downloads your sales direct from eBay as they happen.

  • For more information about this new and exciting addition to Platinum, contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on (0116) 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page.

Reviewing Web Customers

Platinum can now automatically scan your existing customer database for matches when new web customers are downloaded from your eBay and other e-commerce websites.

This new feature happens automatically as new web orders are downloaded and imported into your "Sales Order Processing" system, and can also be initiated on-demand by using the "Sales Ordering" -> "Review Pending Web Customers" option.

Platinum will automatically create new customer records when no match is found and assign to existing records when there is an exact match. If there is any doubt then Platinum will show you the details and let you decide.

Hosted E-Commerce Website

A fully featured e-commerce website seamlessly linked to your Platinum system, hosted by Catalyst. It offers operational features that you would expect from a far more expensive system.

  • Pick from two website template designs styled with your own colours and banner/logo.
  • Website set-up from within Platinum.
  • Multiple levels of categories with detailed sales text and image.
  • Multiple images and sales text per stock line.
  • Special web pricing for special offers.
  • Full text search.
  • Shopping basket review.
  • Real-time stock quantity look-up ().
  • User registration.
  • Configurable postage/packing based on either weight or order value.
  • Fully secure ordering using Paypal.
  • Real-time order push to Platinum ().
  • Previous orders review.
  • Configurable Trading Terms page.
  • Configurable "Welcome to our website" and "Thank you for your order" emails.
  • For more information contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on (0116) 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page.
  • Features available if accompanied with Platinum Active Order Kit.
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  • Year-Start 2019/20 +

    Changes to Platinum's "Payroll" module that allow you to start processing the year 2019/20, including: Printed report P11 has been Read More
  • Year-End 2018/19 +

    Changes to Platinum's "Payroll" module that allow you to process your end-of-year 2018/19, including: Printed report P60 has been updated Read More
  • Booking & Hire Report Generator +

    The Booking & Hire module now has its own "Report Generator". This will allow you to extract, report on and Read More
  • Bepco Export +

    We have added stock list export support to Platinum for use with the 'Bepco' website. Export from Platinum Using the Read More
  • Hire Item Statuses +

    Hire Items can now have a status assigned to them from "Hire Item Properties". Additionally it is possible to mark Read More
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