Electronic Program Updates

As a user of our software you are probably entitled to update it to the latest version at any time, the only proviso being that the software is covered by current software maintenance. To have current maintenance, the software should be within it’s original cover period from sale (usually a year), under maintenance contract or under a rental agreement.

  • We are continually refining and developing our software. Updates can be done on as much as a daily basis. We don't 'hold back' software for specific release dates - our software is released as and when it has been written and tested.

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Reordering Summary and Confirmation

A summary of reorder level changes is now available from the changes review list.

A confirmation has been added before updating stocking levels.

Unallocated Jobs Review

The list of unallocated jobs now has a configurable column. Information in this column is derived from an internal report and can thus be configured if required.

  • By default the report used returns the post code of the keeper. You can if required return other information by creating your own internal report in the "Reports & Settings" report generator.

Transaction Reference

A new transaction property has been added to "Ledger Postings" for the Purchase, and Sales, ledgers, allowing you to associate a free type reference to transactions of up to thirty characters.

The main purpose of this field is to accomodate document numbers from suppliers who might use a number larger than the standard eight characters of document numbers in Platinum, but it may be used for any relevant information you want to record.

The document reference may be printed on statements and remittances, output by the "Report Generator" and imported by the "Data Import", as well as being searchable in "Document Search".


  • Document reference
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above report generator variables(s).
  • Document reference
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above data import variables(s).

Feature, Status and Category Blocking

It is now possible to block features, categories, statuses and other short codes used within Platinum. This is important as deleting standard features results in them being replaced when the software is updated. Blocking by contrast hides these features preventing them from view and use providing a less cluttered user experience.

Ledger Postings Media

It is now possible to view the list of media attached to the customer or supplier in the "Ledger Postings" option. You may choose one or more of the media items from the list to assign and move to the transaction created when the posting is accepted.

Workshop Job Properties

The warranty expiry date for the unit on the job will now be shown alongside other unit details.

Unit Fitted Options

In the course of your "Unit Sales" business you may need to keep track of "fitted options", parts fitted to a unit which may come pre-fitted from the manufacturer, or which may be fitted, or removed in your workshop.

Platinum now has the facility to deal with "fitted options". These may be parts, or, if required, other units. These may be designated as part of a unit sales order, and viewed and maintained via "Unit Sales" "Unit Properties", and "Unit Workshop" "Job Properties".

Report Generator New Function

It is now possible to write report generator reports that retrieves a platinum user's general notes.


  • Retrieve a users notes ID
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above report generator function(s).

Personnel Planning Employee General Notes Reference

Employees have general notes attached to store additional information. The general notes ID is now accessible from the "Personnel Planning" "Report Generator".

Personnel Planning Variable

  • Employee notes ID
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above report generator variables(s).

Payment Review In Local Currency

The payments review option can now optionally run in local currency automatically creating currency fluctuation adjustments as required.

Stock Compressed Invoices

When printing stock invoices containing compressed details of workshop jobs it is now possible to print a configurable report to provide extra details for each job listed on the invoice.

As this is an optional feature, the compressed jobs report should be specified in workshop settings.

  • In order to save time there is a preconfigured standard "Unit Workshop" report. This is a system report with the code "CIN". The print record used should, in most cases be the same as that used for invoices if the output generally needs to go to the same device.

Payroll Update - Year-Start 2020/21

Changes to Platinum's "Payroll" module that allow you to start processing the year 2020/21, including:

  • New FPS data items for reporting car benefits.
  • New: Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay (SPBP)
  • New EPS data items for Employment Allowance de minimis state aid declaration.
  • Printed report P11 has been updated for the new tax year.
  • Updated England and Northern Ireland PAYE tax rates and bandwidths for 6th April.
  • Updated Scotland PAYE tax rates and bandwidths for 6th April.
  • Updated Wales PAYE tax rates and bandwidths for 6th April.
  • Updated Class 1 National Insurance Contributions rates.
  • Updated SSP rates.
  • Updated SMP/SAP/SPP/ShPP/SPBP rates.
  • Updated Collection of Student Loans "Plan 1", "Plan 2" and "Postgraduate Loans" thresholds and rates.
  • Operating PAYE in real time, aka Real Time Information - or RTI:

    • Full Payment Submission (FPS), which happens automatically when you close off a period, has been updated for the year 2020/21.
    • Employer Payment Summary (EPS) has been updated for the year 2020/21 (to clarify this, the year is included in the option name).
    • If you have not yet submitted your final EPS for 2019/20 then you can still do this by selecting the "2019/20 Final submission for the year" box, or going to "End of Year Payroll Routines" -> "Employer Payment Summary".
  • See Payroll End of Year for more information, including details of changes you must make yourself that are not handled automatically, including:

    • Altering employee tax codes.
    • Taking employees off week 1/month 1 tax.
  • For employers who have chosen to opt in to the system of deducting tax for certain expenses and benefits in kind through the payroll, you must record details of company car and fuel benefits in the payroll to be included in your Full Payment Submissions (FPS). See How do I Record Benefits in Kind? for more information.

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