Electronic Program Updates

As a user of our software you are probably entitled to update it to the latest version at any time, the only proviso being that the software is covered by current software maintenance. To have current maintenance, the software should be within it’s original cover period from sale (usually a year), under maintenance contract or under a rental agreement.

  • We are continually refining and developing our software. Updates can be done on as much as a daily basis. We don't 'hold back' software for specific release dates - our software is released as and when it has been written and tested.

Click here for instructions on how to install your program update.

  • Keep up to date with the latest software changes with our news.

Follow Up Contacts

It is now possible to add a follow up to an existing contact. The contact created inherits information from the original contact and follow up to the original contact is removed.

Sales Order Dispatch

A new menu option has been added to "Sales Order Processing", "Sales Order Dispatch", designed to assist you in packaging your orders going out to your customers.

You can pick out items on a variety of criteria, divide them into packages, nominate carriage if not already set up on the order, complete any outstanding standard order processes and even raise the invoice for inclusion with the outgoing items.

agroparts Import/Export

We have added stock list import and export support to Platinum for use with the 'agroparts' website.

This website is used by many Agricultural manufactures and parts suppliers including Krone, Kubota, Kverneland, Lemken, Pöttinger.

Export from Platinum

  • Using the Shift+F3 (Order export report) in the "Add/Edit/Process Purchase Orders" at the order or order item listing will output items on the current order for uploading to the agroparts website.

Import into Platinum

  • Using the Alt+F6 (Add Pre-Built List) option throughout Platinum entry screens (Purchase Orders, Point of Sale, Invoicing & Customer Orders, Workshop and Vehicle Sales) you can use the Online Parts Finder on the agroparts website to create a list of parts to import into platinum.
  • For more information see the agroparts section on the Knowledge Base.

Vehicle Interests

In order to add functionality to the prospect vehicle interests we have added the ability to store addition information about potential clients requirements.

  • Sales person, vehicle category, investment and vehicle features have are now all available.

Reporting on this additional information has been added in the sales prospecting report generator, which now has addition variables to facilitate this.

Sales Prospecting Variables

  • Interest Vehicle Category
  • Interest Vehicle Category Description
  • Interest Investment
  • Interest Vehicle Feature Assigned?
  • Interest Sales Person ID/Code
  • Interest Sales Person Name
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above report generator variables(s).

Media Tab Previews

When you select attached files on "Media" tabs throughout Platinum, it will now show a preview on screen of the file, if supported for that file type.

Images, videos, PDFs, documents and spreadsheets can all usually be previewed, although for some files it depends on you having associated software installed on your PC. For example :

  • PDF files can be previewed only if you also have Adobe Reader DC installed on your PC.

For more information see Viewing Previews on the Knowledge Base.

Booking & Hire Module

A new booking & hire module has been added to our suite of Platinum modules.

This module allows you to manage and hire out the assets of your business; including "Vehicle Sales" vehicles and "Stock Control" stock items.

  • At the heart of the booking & hire module is a comprehensive solution for managing customer bookings including:

    • Viewing all current and upcoming bookings.
    • Enquiring about the hire items that are available to be hired.
    • Taking deposits.
    • Printing booking agreement documents.
    • Producing invoices.
    • Taking payments.

For more information see Booking and Hire and our Getting Started articles on the Knowledge Base.

Please contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on (0116) 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page to find out how you can add this brand new module to your Platinum system.

Searching for Nominal Centres

Fixed an issue when searching for nominal centres by description when 7 or more characters were entered for the search.

Emailing Stored Files

You can now compose an email from the "Media" tab attaching a stored file.

This requires the "SXMail" module to send the email. Please contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on (0116) 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page if you do not have the "SXMail" module and would like to add it.

For more information see Adding Files on the Knowledge Base.

Retention Centre

This program has had a thorough beneath the surface re-work so that under most circumstances it will be substantially faster than previous versions.

Extra vehicle associated actions have been added to the list of standard retentions available. The extra actions cover follow up of vehicle quotation, order and interest. We have also added an action to remind customers of vehicle handovers.

In order to accommodate the extra actions it has been necessary to update information held about previous retention actions undertaken.

  • This update will involve a file conversion, which will run once only: the first time Platinum is used after this update. It may take some time, depending on how heavily the relevant area of the system is used, but will only be necessary the first time you use the software after this update.

Attention Grabber in upload to AutoTrader

The upload to AutoTrader now includes an Attention Grabber for each of your vehicles. This is a 30 character subtitle that should highlight the unique selling point of the vehicle to really grab the buyer's attention. A good attention grabber will increase the number of views of a vehicle on Autotrader.

  • The Attention Grabber is populated from the first 30 characters of the sales heading field in vehicle properties, which can be found by going to the Sale tab -> Sales description -> Heading.

Platinum Online & Platinum Mobile POD Managers

You can now optionally display the remarks text block on logistics jobs in both Platinum Online & Platinum Mobile.

  • Whether the remarks text block is shown or not is controlled by a new system setting "Show remarks text block".
  • Platinum settings can be found and set in "Reports & Settings" -> "Maintenance Options" -> "System Administrator" -> "Platinum Settings". Depending on how your software is configured you may require "System Administrator" status to access this option.
  • See our Website for more information about Platinum Mobile.
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