Electronic Program Updates

As a user of our software you are probably entitled to update it to the latest version at any time, the only proviso being that the software is covered by current software maintenance. To have current maintenance, the software should be within it’s original cover period from sale (usually a year), under maintenance contract or under a rental agreement.

  • We are continually refining and developing our software. Updates can be done on as much as a daily basis. We don't 'hold back' software for specific release dates - our software is released as and when it has been written and tested.

Click here for instructions on how to install your program update.

  • Keep up to date with the latest software changes with our news.

Security to Invoice Units with No Purchase Price

A user level security setting has been added to safeguard the process of selling a unit where no purchase price has been entered, owing to the potential adverse affect on your profits. This defaults to preventing this action so you will need to enable it, if required, for users allowed to do so.

  • Platinum user settings can be found and set in "Reports & Settings" -> "Maintenance Options" -> "System Administrator" -> "Add or Edit Users". Depending on how your software is configured you may require "System Administrator" status to access this option.

Payment Day Of Month

It is now possible to default the payment due date of invoices to be on a specific day of the month.

Check Sheet Media

It is now possible to attach media to check sheets in "Check Sheet Review".

Nominal Transaction Linked File Key

A new variable for nominal transaction linked file key has been added to the "Reports & Settings" report generator.


  • Linked File Key
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above report generator variables(s).

Detailed Backordering

You now have the option from the "Stock Control" and "Unit Workshop" Invoicing Backorder and Availability screens to review and modify Purchase Orders created to fulfil stock required. This leverages the existing Order Preview screen from Stock Reordering, showing preferred suppliers, pricing and quantities, and is available using function key Ctrl+F2.

Session Exchange Rates

It is now possible to set currency exchange rates by individual user session. These rates last only as long as the user remains logged into the software and only applies to the instance of the software in which it is set.

  • Setting a session exchange rate is simple and achieved within the existing currency exchange calculation screen.

Confirm Depot for Automatic Jobs

You now have the option as automatic "Unit Workshop" jobs are set up to support "Unit Sales" Sales Orders, to preview and optionally override the depot each job will be created at. If your sales order consists of multiple units, you may choose to apply your override to all units, without being prompted for each one.

Extra Macro Hot Keys

You may now assign macros and buttons to a wider range of hot keys. Shift+Alt+0 to Shift+Alt+9 hot keys are now available.

New Token for Debt Letter Account Code

It is now possible to print the customer account code on debt letters. This is achieved by adding a new token to existing layouts.

  • Account Code

Multi-column Sorting

On-screen lists can now be sorted by multiple columns without the need to export to Excel. When viewing a list with multiple columns, right-click on a column header and select Sort to configure. This sorting will be remembered the next time you open the same screen.

Order Processing Item Sequence

A new variable for order item sequence number has been added to the "Order Processing" report generator.


  • Order Item Sequence
  • See our Knowledge Base for the full details of the above report generator variables(s).
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