Electronic Program Updates

As a user of our software you are probably entitled to update it to the latest version at any time, the only proviso being that the software is covered by current software maintenance. To have current maintenance, the software should be within it’s original cover period from sale (usually a year), under maintenance contract or under a rental agreement.

  • We are continually refining and developing our software. Updates can be done on as much as a daily basis. We don't 'hold back' software for specific release dates - our software is released as and when it has been written and tested.

Click here for instructions on how to install your program update.

  • Keep up to date with the latest software changes with our news.

Stock Search and Prices

It is now possible to display additional prices when searching for stock.

  • The configuration for this feature can be found in stock parameters, stock enquiries option.

Vehicle Sales Documents

Extra information is now shown in the list of "Vehicle Sales" documents on file.

New Columns

  • New/Used
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Registration
  • Colour
  • Location
  • Due Date
  • Salesman

Order Processing - New Variables

Report Generator

Two new variables have been added to the "Order Processing" Report Generator, allowing you to access when and by whom an order or item were created, modified or last viewed.


  • Order Data ID
  • Order Item Data ID

Data Import

A new variable has been added to the "Order Processing" Data Import, allowing you to set the priority for a Sales Order Item.


  • Order Item Priority

Workshop Advisory Work

The concept of advisory work has been added to the workshop system.

It is now possible to log work required on a vehicle which has not yet been planned to be undertaken. The purpose of logging advisory work is two fold. Firstly it provides an additional service to the customer and secondly it is a potentially revenue earning resource for the workshop.

This major addition to the workshop software enables the printing of vehicle survey reports, has the ability to print advisory reports for customer information and is fully integrated into the customer retention centre in order to notify customers when work is required.

Vehicle Search by Manufacturer/Model

The vehicle search now has the facility to find vehicles by manufacturer or model description much more quickly.

  • Vehicles added after this update will take advantage of this new feature automatically, however for existing vehicles you will need to rebuild your "Vehicle Sales Cross Reference". The option to do this is found in "Reports & Parameters" -> "Maintenance Options" -> "System Administrator" -> "Rebuild Cross Reference Files".

Stock Retail Promotions

It is now possible to set up Retail Promotions for use in the "Point of Sale" and "Invoicing and Customer Orders" options.

Retail Promotions are a special kind of discount that are available for a limited time period and act on multiple items bought by the customer (Buy one - Get one free, Mealdeals, Buy three get cheapest one at set price etc).

Sales/Purchase Order Item Sorting

You may now opt to have sales and purchase order items sorted in the order they were entered, and where desired tweak that order after entry. This will apply in "Add/Amend/Process Orders" and to the order items are printed in on documents produced from there.

  • The option is enabled from "Sales Order Processing" -> "Maintenance Options" -> "General Order Parameters" -> "Sort by Entry Order".

Invoice Item Availability/Backordering

Items listed in the backorder/availability screen will now show in warning colour (usually red) if they all need to be ordered, caution colour (usually yellow) if some need to be ordered and some may be sold, and okay colour (usually green) if all are currently available for sale.

Similarly, in the sales order retrieval screen, orders, and items, which are in stock and available for transfer will be shown in okay colour. Orders and items which are only partially available will be shown in caution colour, and orders and items which are still on order and have yet to be retrieved into stock are shown in warning colour.

Finally, two new functions, with accompanying buttons, have been added for cases where you want to place all listed items on backorder (Shift+F7), or want to invoice all listed items regardless of the suggested backorder quantities (Ctrl+F7).

"Club Catalyst" Platinum EDI

Club Catalyst is Platinum-to-Platinum EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), a new product enabling anyone who uses Platinum and places or takes orders from anyone else using Platinum to deal with their orders electronically.

The receiving of Orders is dependant on having our eCommerce solution installed, the placing of orders requires our "Sales Order Processing". Please contact your Platinum dealer or our sales team on (0116) 230 1500 or by using our website sales contact page for more information.

For further information, please see our Knowledge Base articles:

Vehicle Sales/Workshop Backorders

The system could appear to freeze after manually deleting the last remaining item on a "Vehicle Sales" or "Vehicle Workshop" linked sales order from the order items list. This has been corrected.

Vehicle Uploads

Up to now, whether or not a vehicle gets uploaded to Catalyst FindIt and other web sites and services depended on the "In stock" property of the vehicle's status. However as there are circumstances where you might want a non "In stock" status to get uploaded, or vice versa, we have now added an "Upload details" setting. This will default to the current "In stock" setting for the status, but in future may be set separately to dictate solely whether or not vehicles of this status are uploaded.

As with the Status's "In stock" setting, you may test the "Upload" setting for a vehicle in the report generator with a new parameter to the 'V10' variable.


  • Vehicle Status

Logistics Master Jobs Status

The ability to set the master job status from a leg has been restored.

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